Polkerris Ward

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Nominated for Team of the Year 2021

Polkerris has such a wide range of team members that all work so efficiently together. It is an amazing ward to work on and everyone is so supportive and encouraging. Each team member is happy to help out within situations and never complains if someone needs extra help. Polkerris are great within MDT working and always listen to the feedback and patient care advice from other professional teams. Each nurse advocates for their patients best needs and comes to work with a smile on their face even when times are hard and work is busy. I couldn’t think of a better place to work.

The best team that any trainee could hope to work with.
Simply, a family not just a team.
You go to work everyday knowing that no matter how hard it would be, team Polkerris have your back and they are there for you.

I as a trainee registrar loved working with this brilliant team and learnt a lot about how teamwork can go beyond the usual mottos to actually embody the true spirit of being a caring family that has the children at their heart.””
“”I’ve never known a team quite like it. They not only stretch to cover the admissions unit, acute ward and HDU but will readily adapt the service to whatever challenges are thrown their way, and boy has there been some challenges. Covid has thrown some real spanners in the works yet they have worked hard to continue to provide optimum care for their patients whilst on the red/amber/green zone carousel, and this is reflected in the feedback from our families. They’re taking on more than ever before but this has only diversified their skill set further.

The unit has struggled with limited capacity, staffing and morale. The shifts have been brutal, the demand high and the service has been under exceptional pressure but you’ll still witness the professionalism, compassion and dedication on a daily basis. The team pull together time and time again and it makes me so proud.

The brilliant teamwork crosses the boundary between the medical and nursing teams and there is a phenomenally strong relationship with our MDT, from the play team to the community nurses, pharmacists to physios, ward clerks to kitchen staff. Every single person is supportive, striving to help, educate and encourage their colleagues. From the ’15 at 15′ daily education sessions to QI projects, whenever there something can be improved, it’s acted on. Additionally, the team is used to enduring hard times but well aware of when to escalate further- there is now a separate OPEL tool for paediatrics so the senior team can better advocate for our children within the hospital.

Through Polkerris I have had the fortune to meet some outstanding and inspirational colleagues and this has extended now to some fantastic friends outside of work. I will forever be truly proud of working within this team.

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