Isabel Andrews

Nominated for Nursing Role Model Award 2021

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust


Izzy is fab! A new sister and doing a brilliant job. She works incredibly hard, and is always supportive to her colleagues, both nursing and medical. I am always pleased to find Izzy is on and in charge!

Izzy has always been an excellent team player, she has a fantastic attitude to her role, works exceptionally well under stress and provides the best possible care to her patients always with a smile on her face. Izzy has recently been appointed as a Band 6 during a very challenging few months on Bramble. Izzy has stepped up to this role as if she has been doing it for years, her calming influence makes every shift she is working feel under control and I always get a sense of relief to know she will on shift. Izzy strives to achieve the highest standard at all times, this comes out both in her nursing care and management of the ward and her team. Izzy is also an excellent role model and teacher to more junior staff and acts as a fantastic advocate for bramble and bramble patients when needed. Izzy will go above and beyond her role and is the most wonderful addition to the Bramble senior nursing staff!

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