Caroline Thorpe Ward

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

Nominated for Team of the Year 2021

Wow, I feel honored to work with such an amazing team. We always give the highest possible care delivery. We are one of the friend’s team. Thank you to everyone for all their hard work.

I am so proud to be part of our great team on Caroline Thorpe, although we may be a small unit we have big hearts. Over the pandemic we have supported each other and I believe have become a closer team as a result. We strive to provide high quality effective care to all our children and draw on each other’s strengths to achieve this. As a team we have been supporting our Adult Nurse Colleagues when required whilst also facing some challenging situations on our ward ourselves. We look out for each other constantly and provide a supportive environment for student nurses. We are an amazing team with a caring, friendly attitude and smiley faces!

Having recently moved to the ward I have noted a seriously high dedication to the children and their families a level of expertise that is unquestionable and all of this under what may be described as intolerable pressure. On top of this they were welcoming supportive and encouraging to a newcomer such as I.

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