Wildgoose Ward – Plymouth

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

“The whole team work as a unit instead of as individuals. Everyone helps each other on shifts to spread the workload and are always supportive of each other through good and bad times.

This team consists of, the housekeepers, Domestics, Ward Clarks, HCA’s and nursing staff. They pull together to ensure the ward runs as smoothly as possible. They work as a team for the best of the patient.

Wildgoose’s teamwork is next to none, they are always there for each other, and this is needed when there are very tough times on the ward. They support each other and lift each other up when things are hard. Everyone is a valued member of the team. They all work well within the MDT. Wildgoose encourage each other to be the best and provide the best care possible. Wildgoose have had a very tough year, and despite this they continue to grow stronger and smile whilst doing it.

All members of the team from ward manager, to housekeepers have been very welcoming. I have always felt like I am supported and encouraged in my role. We have some tough times on the ward but the team spirit we share and the laughter that we have gets us through.”

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