Victoria Brown

Works at North Devon District Hospital

Vicky is a very responsible, efficient, enthusiastic, and kind-hearted nurse. During her long tenure here, she distinguished herself as the most compassionate and talented nurse. She consistently provided safe nursing care as well as mentoring her juniors. Besides, she was always eager to go a step beyond the expectations and provides excellent support to the medical teams. She worked well with co-workers and supervisors. In addition to her competence in HDU, she has recently taken on additional responsibility with the Children’s Diabetic team.

She is approachable and understanding if there any problems and not judgemental. She is brilliant with the adolescents and children with mental health problems and a great nurse to shadow when caring for these patients. Vicky has been developing her role in the community on top of the ward work to delivery continuing care for children with diabetes. This knowledge and experience she has brought back to the ward and helped educate other staff members. This has also helped families with child with diabetes admitted to the ward with a familiar face.

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