The Kate Westwood Memorial Award for Senior Hero (ST4-8 & SAS doctors) Nominations 

Picture of Kate Westwood and her two children

This award is dedicated to our dear friend Kate Westwood, an inspirational and dedicated paediatric registrar who touched the lives of so many of us and was hugely involved and invested in the PAFTAS.
One way we honour her memory is through naming this award after her and celebrating the qualities she so fantastically embodied.

This is the list of Paediatric Trainees/SAS/Speciality/Staff Grade doctors at Registrar level who were nominated for showing outstanding ability, leadership and teamwork. Click on their name to read the nomination text.

Vicky Wilson

Rebecca Williams

Megan Tombling

Justin Thuraisingham

Hannah Thomas

Mohammed Shahjehan

Katie Sales

Ravi Poorun

Katie Pearson

Jess Pales

Jennifer Merrison-Hort

Eleanor Mclaren

Sam Janoff

Annie Jane

Manoj Jagadesh

Hannah Jackman

Cho Cho Hsint

Susan Hellewell

Natasha Hart

Ash Gupte

Maria Garcia

Iona Fieraru

Aarnold Dunga

Lucy Demaine

Andy Daxter

Alex Childs

Ada Chee

Elena Ceaus

Sarah Brooke

Catriona Bowman

Louise Boddy

Jemma Baker

Jane Baker

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We use the nomination text and categories as provided by those who submit the nomination.
If there are any issues with the nomination pages (errors, people placed in the wrong category or any other concerns) please email
We will use the following criteria for creating the shortlist and choosing the final winner:

Senior Hero
1. Demonstrates excellence in fulfilment of their work in Paediatrics
2. Demonstrates exemplary team working, leadership, role-modelling and support to peers
3. Demonstrates excellence in their interaction with patients and their families
4. Embodies the values of the RCPCH