Sally Rothwell

Winner of the Nursing Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

Here are the nominations we recieved:

The best nurse I have ever worked with.

I do not think there is a single Paediatric Trainee, who has undertaken a placement in Barnstaple, who is not eternally grateful that Sally was there to support them clinically and personally. She is the keystone of the small department there, bringing a huge amount of experience, knowledge and skill, but somehow delivering it all with an astounding generosity of spirit and humility that belies quite how amazing she is.


She integrates effortlessly with the nursing and medical teams, and is an incredible moral support to the Paediatric Trainees entering the department, particularly on desolate night shifts! Without a doubt her work has saved the lives of children admitted to the unit.


She advocates amazingly for the children and families in her care, and personally feels the trials and tribulations of CYP in her care. This is combined with a huge wealth of experience and clinical ability.


I am not sure I have ever met anyone who has such a big heart, or has taught me so much about simply showing love to others.


I cannot recommend Sally enough for this award. Sally stood out to me the first time I worked with her due to the way in which she went above and beyond for every patient, and the high regard that not only patients had for her but also all members of the paediatric team. She spends time with each of the families in her care, and has a unique way of supporting them through their admission that alleviates stress and anxiety of a hospital stay and turning it into a positive experience. Sally advocates for every patient in her care, and the passion she has for looking after children is evident in everything she does. I’ve also worked alongside Sally in a number of acute situations and Sally is consistently calm, thorough and a valued member of the team looking after that child. She has transferred children to Bristol numerous times, which involves finishing late – but I have never heard her complain about this.  Sally also takes time to encourage others that she works with and I have been on the receiving end of such an e-mail and have not forgotten the positive impact that made to me as a new registrar. This is a rare quality and something we should all learn from.

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