Nicholas Lewington

Peninsula trainee

“Nick is a very enthusiastic member of the team. He provides excellent patient care and is always available to help in situations with a smile on his face. Nick will always make the most of a ‘quieter’ time and provides ad hoc teaching to whoever would like it on that day, constantly striving to improve the workforce and empower people. Nick’s energy is infectious, and he is an absolute joy to work with.

I have recently watched Nick have his nails painted to make a little girl happy. This demonstrates his care and passion for his job. He really goes out of his way to put smiles on children’s faces, building up positive professional relationships and gaining the trust of a child which isn’t easy!

Nick never hesitates to help and support all the nurses on shifts. He is very good at putting patients minds at ease. His constant smile and laughter help make a busy day a good day.”

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