Junior Nurse of the Year – 2019 Nominations

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Amy Bennet

Conor Brady

Megan Burt

Megan Burridge

Jemma Butt

Kathleen Crean

Casey Delahaye

Holly Forrest

Emily Goldsworthy-Josh

Lyndsey Goss

Rachael Hackworth

Chloe Kenneally

Alice McClean

Tina Moore

Rebecca Park

Natalie Pellow

Molly Ponty

Charlotte Smith

Kerry Ann Snell

Louisa Squire

Shauna Templeton

Jo Thompson

Chloe Thresher

Stacey Wesemann

*Nomination text may be condensed if someone recieved multiple nominations

We have relied on those submitting nominations to ensure name spelling, places of work and category of nominations are correct. If you think there is a mistake please contact web admin s.janoff@nhs.net