Charlotte Winfield

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award

Works at Torbay & South Devon

Charlotte is absolutely the hardest working HCA on Louisa Cary. She is constantly on the go, running around doing multiple jobs at once, but doing it all with a huge smile on her face! She loves being busy and is always looking to support her team in any way she can, whether it be patient observations, NG feeds, meal support, assessments on the short stay assessment unit, the list goes on and on! Charlotte is very skilled and provides outstanding care to all of her patients. RNs are always asking Charlotte for her support with patients because they know how good she is and that she always delivers safe and efficient care. Charlotte advocates for patients and sees the whole family not just the child. She starts and finishes every shift with a smile and is a joy to work with!

Charlotte is a wonderful HCA and her way with the children is so endearing. No matter what the age of the patient or their illness Charlotte shows such great care and kindness. Charlotte never stops and is forever tending to the patients and their needs. Charlotte inspires the team, leading by example and always with a smile. When Charlotte is on a shift you can rest assured things get done efficiently and confidently, to the highest standard and with integrity. I love a shift with Charlotte!

Charlotte is always smiling, full of energy and has a posited attitude. Charlotte Works hard throughout all her shifts and is always happy to help others. She is brilliant with patients of all ages and makes the parents stressful time on the ward much easier.

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