Leah Saffin

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Leah is worth her weight in gold. She lightens the mood on tough days and goes above and beyond to help the ward run smoothly. Patients who many staff find very challenging seem to warm to Leah’s kind and gentle nature, and she can makes connections really easily.

Leah works on Bramble Ward as one of our HCAs. She is amazing with patients, and always provides the best possible care. She uses her amazing people skills and clinical knowledge to provide support to her patients when she can, whilst showing compassion throughout. Her commitment to the care of children is unprecedented. She had recently been studying extremely hard for her course, and has now gained her qualification despite working full time hours and doing over time to help the ward. It has been a particularly challenging few months on the ward and she has been incredible to work with, and has been a staple part of the team whom many people have been able to rely on. She is competent and hard working. Leah is also not afraid to be an advocate for her patients and speak up if needed.

Leah is a critical part of our team, she knows where everything is, how to get it if we don’t need it and ensures the ward has all the equipment and stock we need to keep it running smoothly. She is a lovely, kind person who is always willing to help and ensures the team work more effectively. She looks after all her patients with the utmost care and attention, and puts all her families and children at ease. She has built special bonds with our long term patients and families, and she acts as an advocate for her patients and I know these patients hold Leah in high esteem.

She is going to make a wonderful mum, and hopefully the ward will still be standing when she returns!

Leah is kind and caring with the patients. She volunteers to take bloods in the morning so the results are ready for ward round. As a result the medical team can make prompt decision for the patient there and then, leading to improved care. Sometimes the night shift is so busy, freeing up the night SHO from bloods means a few more patients get clerked in PAU, freeing up space there and in ED. This simple kind act (above and beyond what is necessary) has so many positive ramifications for patients * hopsital (and stressed out Drs!) that I really hope it can be acknowledged.

Leah is a much-loved member of Bramble team. She is not only the ordering EROS queen for the ward, but an outstanding HCA. Patient care is such a passion for Leah, she is a really good advocate for her patients and goes above and beyond to ensure patient safety and care. Leah has just completed a course to gain new qualifications to ensure she is up to date with training and continually improving her skill set. The support Leah gives her colleagues is amazing, she is always there to help new starters and bank staff, as well as everyone else on the ward. She build rapport easily with everyone she meets as she is such a kind, caring person. Leah will be greatly missed when she leaves Bramble to on maternity leave.

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