Jaclyn Pile

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award

Works at Torbay & South Devon

Jaclyn has been a HCA and now becoming a Assistant nurse practitioner on Louisa Cary ward. Jaclyn goes above and beyond not only for the patients, but the whole families and staff around her. On many occasions, Jaclyn has been known to be the ‘expert for getting babies to latch.’ when the poor mums have had nights of trying to breast feed and emotions are running high, Jaclyn supports these families to feel relaxed and at ease, this empowers them to feel that they can do this and then they are proud of what they can achieve with her support. Not only does Jaclyn do this with patients, but has also supported staff to learn and develop these skills, Being an advocate for breast feeding and encouraging best practice to all the team.
Jaclyn has many fabulous qualities, but one of my favourites are how she makes us all smile. With her quick wit and making us laugh when we all have needed it the most. Jaclyn will always check in on others and has the ability to know when someone is not quite right, making sure we all look out for each other and encouraging us to come together as a team.
Jaclyn’s professional and caring nature is infectious to all around her and is demonstrated in her everyday practice.

A fabulous colleague who is so knowledgable about the patients and families. You always know that they families are going to be very well cared for by Jaclyn. She is passionate about her work and a huge support for her colleagues. She always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude.
What would we do without you Jaclyn…..you’re a superstar.

Jaclyn is a valued trainee assistant practitioner. She is conscientious, hardworking and supportive to all members of the team and patients and families. She is so hardworking managing her studies, work and family at home too. Jaclyn your hard work and dedication to our ward has not gone unnoticed.

Jacqueline goes above and beyond in her role, she delivers outstanding care to all of her patients by treating them all with kindness and compassion. Not only does she care for her patients, but she also looks after the whole family, she notices when parents are struggling and need support, whether it be a new mum needing breastfeeding support or a parent of a young person with a mental health crisis who needs a shoulder to cry on. She has worked extremely hard in her course, constantly writing assignments and doing course work, but still turns up to her shifts and gives 100%. She has excellent clinical skills and knows how to spot a sick child and when to escalate concerns. She also asks questions about medications and interventions during shifts, to further her knowledge and skills. But beyond all of this, Jacqueline looks after her team. She is the first person to notice if a colleague appears withdrawn or upset and will always check in with them. She is an asset to Louisa Cary and we are so lucky to have her in our team!

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