Reegan Osborne

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Reegan is a bubbly, energetic, and caring character who always brightens up the ward with his presence. He boosts staff morale, and is so encouraging to colleagues and patients.
Reegan’s ability to calm patients, distract and support them is admirable. He is friendly yet professional and always strives to help the nursing staff with their workload by using his initiative and completing tasks without needing to even ask him.
Reegan is especially incredible with the mental health patients who attend Bramble ward, he is committed to providing care and advocating for them following the code of conduct exceptionally. As a nurse seeing Reegan is on shift with you is immediately reassuring for all.

Reegan demonstrates outstanding care giving to our mental health patients on Bramble Ward. He goes above and beyond to make them feel comfortable when their admission is typically stressful and builds a good relationship with them throughout their long stay. Reegan often spends most of his day with our mental patients which means he ends up becoming an advocate for them, knowing what makes them laugh, what games they like to play and what things keep them preoccupied the most in tense situations – this commitment is SO important and we could not be without him on Bramble Ward. I feel he needs more than a thank you to show what exceptional care he is giving to our patients and how much we appreciate him.

Reegan shows exceptional concern and dedication for kids, teens, and their families, especially those who are hospitalised because of deteriorating mental health. Knowing that these patients are going through a difficult period, he provides the most modern care for them and vigorously fights for them to receive the best possible treatment. Reegan is a fantastic team player that works incredibly well inside the group and supports the larger diverse team. When he cares for patients, families, and his peers at work, Reegan demonstrates the utmost respect and concern. He is constantly there to assist anyone in need. In order to help patients and families, Reegan is courteous in his job and adheres to the most recent norms and regulations. In order to provide patients, families, and the larger community with the finest treatment possible, Reegan respects his colleagues and adheres to the most recent policies and regulations.

Reegan has been on Bramble ward for just over a year and in that time, the pressures with mental health patients has been at an all-time high. Reegan has worked alongside the MDT in actioning and supporting an ever-changing environment, where no patient follows the same plan. Due to this and being in situations that require on the spot actions, Reegan has become a diverse member of the team and has become accountable for actions in high pressure and adverse situations. Reegan is able to promote patient advocacy, whilst keeping patient best interests at heart as well as upholding patient rights, and making sure when privacy and dignity is upheld and this is especially noted with our section 3 mental health patients.
Working a shift with Reegan is always a nice shift to be on, he has a flare for humour but is highly compassionate for the diverse age range of CYP Bramble ward care for.

Reegan is able to promote the rights of a patient and promote their well-being when sometimes they cannot themselves. He builds relationships with the older eating disorders with ease and is able to form a professional friendship where they can talk to him in an open, trusting way, where they feel safe. This comes with great responsibility for someone who is only a few years older the patients themselves, but he handles this with great confidence and this really has helped some of the patients to have the connection of someone they trust in a stressful and sometimes out of their control situation, more so when security is required on the ward. Whatever Reegan doesn’t’ know, he endeavours to find out, asking questions at appropriate times to ensure patient safety. He is an all-rounder team member, working in PAU, Outpatients, the ward and has helped out in the emergency department when pressures were high. He is always a happy member of the team, with a cheeky smile and zest for life.

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