Leanne Grant

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

She has worked full time whilst taking her GCSE’S.then done her assistant practioner training now she is doing her nurse.training part time whilst still working and she has 3 children. I think she is an inspirational woman for her daughters and shows what you can achieve if you want something enough.

Leanne is an extremely knowledgeable and hard working assistant practitioner. Not only does she work as and AP on the Neonatal Unit she is also doing her Registered Nurse Apprenticeship. Leanne currently splits her time between university, placement and the neonatal unit as well as having a family. Leanne is always willing to go above and beyond to support her colleagues using her initiative in busy situations to ensure the safety of our patients and families. She is a font of knowledge on breastfeeding and always gives mums amazing support with feeding. She is approachable and supportive to all colleagues. A pleasure to work with.

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