Tracey Godbeer

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Tracey is such an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable member of staff. I’ve worked with her on PAU, in DCU and in outpatients and in all environments she is an asset to the team. The first time she offered to take bloods on a patient for me in PAU I could have kissed her! She knows where things are, she knows how things work and she knows how to get things done. She’s just one of those people that make things go more smoothly. On top of all that she’s just really great craic! Outstanding attitude to work.

Tracey is an exceptional HCA who demonstrates commitment to all her patients, their families and her colleagues. Her knowledge of all her patients within the Daycase unit allows her to always give excellent care and wellbeing to each individual patient, supporting them and advocating for them, this is very inspiring.
Tracey shows great support to all colleagues, always making time to assist, problem solve and act upon, making effective patient care and happy peers. She is always sharing her skills and knowledge effectively to improve and promote the Health and wellbeing of others and the ward environment, allowing others to work as efficiently as Tracey.

Tracey has a wealth of experience and it shows. Tracey is not only technically good in her role, she is always mindful of the patients and their families and will always advocate for them when needed. Tracey is a tremendous support to registered nurses, always willing to help when needed, never keeping still as there is alway a job to be done on a busy ward and great at sharing her wisdom and experience. Thank you Tracey.

Tracey Godbeer is a very professional senior healthcare assistant and helps demonstrate what is expected of HCA’s across Bramble. She is very respected on Bramble Ward and always goes the extra mile when caring for patients and helping new starters fit in and feel comfortable. Tracey ensures the ward is tidy and ready for the day ahead.

I nominate Tracey as she always goes above and beyond for her patients and staff. Tracey is available 24/7 with query’s regarding any questions a staff member has and can always answer them or guide you to the answer. Tracey is a very supportive individual with new members of staff and existing. Tracey is a very committed and often changes her own shifts to accommodate other members of staff. The children that she cares for love her and always leaves her company with a smile on their face.

Tracey is amazing, and an incredible asset to the ward and outpatients. She cares for all members of staff making sure they are managing well during really tough times. The children all love her and many seek her out when they’re in the ward. She works beyond her role helping the nurses and doctors with many specialist skills. She is always happy, caring and thoughtful.

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