Sara Forde

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Sara is just amazing! Very knowledgable and helpful, always ready to give advice. Even during most stressful shifts stays calm and supportive.

Sara is an absolutely fantastic HCA. The rapport she develops with families is a joy to witness. You always know that babies and families are in expert hands with regards to feeding and care when Sara is looking after them.

Sara is a fantastic healthcare assistant. Her breast feeding support for mothers and their babies is second to none, I’ll always go to her for feeding advice if I’m unsure of something. Sara is kind and caring and has an amazing rapport with our families. She is proactive and goes above and beyond to support the team. I always look forward to working with her.

Sara is an extremely valued member of the neonatal team in Exeter. She advocates for her patients and families making sure that they have the best care possible. Sara consistently supports the concept of family integrated care and often goes above and beyond to make sure that babies and families receive the best possible care. She is enthusiastic in embracing change and is a true inspiration to her colleagues.

Amazing at supporting families with feeding. Knows everything about breastfeeding. Manages to get any baby to latch and feed

Funny and friendly, brings an element of humour to the ward and always comes across as warm and empathetic to families.

Sarah goes the extra mile every shift, for the team and her patients. She is super efficient, works really hard and looks out for her colleagues in a busy shift. I’ve heard numerous families on the ward round singing her praises for her kind and approachable nature. Sarah is also famous for the way she supports new Mums with breast feeding, and I know there are many who may not have carried on their breastfeeding journey without her help.

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