Hana Bashir

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Hero (ST4-8 & SAS doctors)

“Hana is an outstanding Paediatric Registrar, she is a great team player and is welcomed as part of the team. She is always very supportive and you can always ask her for help and assistance. Hana is very friendly, kind and compassionate. She has an amazing way with children and their families. We are lucky to have Hana as a registrar.

Hana is amazing! She is supportive, knowledgeable and a great leader! Hana is always a joy to work with, she is a real team player and works efficiently and effectively. She is a great leader, whether that is in a resus scenario, or within the ward environment. Hana interacts appropriately with both the patient and their families and always has good feedback. Overall, Hana is a fantastic role model for her colleagues and provides a great support to us all when we need it.

Hana has been unfortunate enough to experience a few difficult shifts over the past few months, nevertheless, she never let it get her down. She came back fighting and ready for more. This demonstrates the passion that she has for paediatrics. Hana is a team player and a role model for her junior colleagues, she takes the time to share her knowledge, but at the same time, tests your own knowledge before she educates you. I remember in particularly when she put me on the spot and asked me to explain neurofibromatosis. Clearly, overwhelmed by being put on the spot, she could see I needed some help and took the time to tease the information out of me! She has an exemplary way of communicating with her patient and families and its lovely to observe the empathetic interactions she has with the young people.

Hannah is absolutely exceptional. She is working at a level beyond her current training level and I am constantly amazed by her knowledge. She leads very well and is a fantastic role model to her peers. She takes the time to get to know her team very well, medical and nursing alike, and therefore recognises when they may need additional support, and provides it. She develops really lovely relationships with families, is an excellent communicator and always ensures they fully understand their child’s care. Children feel at ease in her presence and she goes the extra mile to ensure they get the best care possible.

Hana is an amazing registrar. Her knowledge is fantastic, her compassion for patients deep, and she is such a hard worker. She is always calm and cheerful and looks after the more junior members of the team. I have observed her being really nurturing towards team members that are struggling. In addition to all of that she is endlessly patient. Hana is extremely hardworking, always willing to help cover at short notice nothing is ever to much when asked. She has such a positive attitude and it is a pleasure working with her.

Hana has been an excellent member of the paediatric team. She is sensible and makes good decisions. She has been enthusiastic about teaching and is now involved in the simulation training in the department. She works well with her colleagues and gives excellent support to the juniors. Despite some difficult times recently I have been very impressed by her work ethic and professional behaviour. She communicates brilliantly with patients and their families.
Hana has been a great Registrar to have on Level 12, she is thorough, conscientious, and always approachable and keen to listen to any concerns we have. Hana has become a very valued member of our team and it is always a pleasure to find out that she is the registrar for your shift. Hana has been fantastic with her teaching and explanations of things to our team making a shift a much easier process. Hana has shown empathy for her colleagues and is dedicated to improving the experience of overseas staff not only in paediatrics but in the trust. She is a role model to junior doctors.

Outstanding team leader as well as team player. Utilises their broad knowledge to educate others, and help patients and families providing excellent care and best practice. Does not let work stresses affect her work, which also makes her very approachable during shifts. A great Registrar to work with, very knowledgeable, calm in emergency situations with great communication skills. Always supporting her nursing colleagues and acts upon their concerns. “

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