Educational Supervisor of the Year

2021 Nominees

Paediatric Consultants who have shown exceptional ability in the role of Educational Supervisors, and embody the principles of the RCPCH
The winner of this category will be submitted to the RCPCH for National PAFTA consideration.

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Educational Supervisor of the Year
1. Demonstrates excellence in the education of Paediatric Trainees
2. Demonstrates exemplary personal support to trainees
3. Demonstrates innovation in teaching and education
4. Embodies the values of the RCPCH*

Yolanda Alins-Sahun

Thynn Aung

Chris Bell

Neil Bloxham

Sam Broad

Dermot Dalton

Johanna Del-Mar

Indranil Dey

Sadiya Halima Gumi

Eleanor Lawes

Jilly Luck

Margaret Luckie

David McGregor

Christine McMillan

Yahya Mubashar

Oliver Cuthell

Nigel Osborne

Nikky O’Shea

Andy Robinson

Georgina Selby

Abi Simmons

Myooren Wimalendra

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