Claire Tanner

Works at North Devon District Hospital

As Band 6 with special interest in metal health she is providing our team with great support dealing with some young people with very challenging behaviour. Taken on management role at meetings and developing various guides for us to navigate the legal complexities of this patient group.

Claire takes a personal role in the care of patients with eating disorders and I have seen her go above and beyond for these patients many times. She understands these patients, advocates for them, and makes what is a difficult admission easier through her understanding and support. I have also seen her support other members of the nursing team, whether pastorally or through education, as well as to doctors working alongside her. She has the ability to gel a team together and always finds something to smile about.

Claire has excellent communication and listening skills as well as the ability to gain the YP’s trust and empathy. She has the ability to stay calm in difficult and challenging situations. Claire is often able to de-escalate situations due to her ability to stay calm in these difficult and challenging moments. She is free of bias, taking each patient on his or her own terms and providing consistent care regardless of personal opinion.

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