Chloe Sheath

Nominated for Paediatric Junior Hero (ST1-3s, FTs & GPSTs)

“Chloe is an outstanding SHO, her time working on the paediatric wards at Derriford Hospital has shown compassion, commitment and her overall excellent approach with working alongside children and young people. Chloe has so much knowledge, understanding and exemplary team working skills. You can tell Chloe has fulfilment in working with Children, her way with children is inspiring.

Chloe is a joy to work with. She is enthusiastic and trustworthy. She cares about the patients and interacts beautifully with the children. I expect her to have a lovely career in Paediatrics. Very professional, with an excellent knowledge base always goes above and beyond to give the best care to her patients, and her passion for paediatrics and lovely personality make her a joy to work with.

During Chloe’s time working on Level 12, I found her to be incredibly helpful and approachable. No task was too big or too small, and she never made anyone feel like she was too busy help or assist them. Chloe developed a great working relationship with the team across the floor and managed to gain great working relationships with some of our long-term families enabling a better journey of care for our patients and their parents/carers. It has been lovely to see Chloe come back to complete some locum shifts, and I hope she will one day consider a role within our paediatric team.

Chloe was a credit to level 12 during her time with us. Nothing was ever too much trouble, from doing jobs for the nurses to keeping patients and their parents calm and informed in difficult times. Chloe was always a bubbly character to have around and I know many nurses felt confident and safe on shift knowing that Chloe was around. Chloe has a fantastic way with the children and will spend time with them and their families making them feel more confident and safe. We miss her lots and hope to see her back with us in the future.

Chloe is always smiling and happy to help with nursing concerns despite how busy the assessment unit is. Chloe is amazing with the children, always approachable and kind. It’s been a pleasure working with Chloe. Chloe has fit into the teams across Level 12 so well, she is everything you expect a paediatric doctor to be. She’s professional, pushes herself is happy to help anyone, fun, bubbly and has excellent communication skills. She is not only supportive of her colleagues but also the patients and their families. I hope she will one day return to Derriford Paediatrics permanently.

Chloe was an absolute asset to the paediatric team. Her way with children and their families was beautiful to see! She has such a bubbly personality which really shone and rubbed off on everyone she worked with! She is an amazing team player, which I’m very sad she cannot be with us permanently. She is enthusiastic with her work, always wanting to learn and share her knowledge with fellow colleagues. She goes above and beyond to deliver high quality family centred care. Chloe is intuitive and is able to support families and their children through ill health. Chloe demonstrates she is caring, empathetic and sensitive in her ability to care for children and their families and is very respectful. Working alongside Chloe has been a pleasure and a joy! Amazing team player. Always there to go the extra mile to help others, has an amazing way with children and families. Very knowledgeable and makes a working shift that little more enjoyable!

Enthusiasm for Entering into paediatric training. Outstanding contribution as an F2. Competent clinically and progressing exceptionally well. Has passion for paediatrics by the bucket load ……… and most of all highlights to us all how you can turn adversity and difficulty in training into a positive which will hold well for her future chosen career. Good luck and thank you. You have been an absolute pleasure to have around.

The most approachable, kind and caring Doctor that I have ever worked with. Always puts her patients first and goes above and beyond expectations for them. Chloe is a what a great paediatric doctor should be…. friendly, fun, always smiling, an excellent team player, and a joy to the children & the families she cares for. Chloe is an excellent advocate not only for her patients and their families but also for the nursing staff too, she is an excellent teacher and is willing to share her knowledge and skills to all staff and support the nursing staff with new skills they are learning. You know that if you have any concerns about a patient Chloe will listen and respect your worries without hesitation. If you’re having a bad day Chloe is the one person that changes that into a good day with her positive personality and can do attitude she is a Dr who is well respected and sets the golden standard that is admired!!”

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