Becky Martyn

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Becky is very supportive of all staff both on a professional and friend level. She is keen to educate all members of staff and shares her experiences. She is a great motivator both outside of work and at work. She encourages people to engage in team building activities which emphasises the importance of supporting one another on a day to day basis. And she is always putting the needs of the children first.

Becky deserves this award as she is a huge asset in the paediatric emergency department. You know when she is on as the department flows better and she is knowledgeable and comfortable in her own work she doesn’t just send children up for a paediatric review because she just isn’t sure. She’s a great team member and will happily educate nurses around her enhancing their work. She always builds up a great relationship with the children she sees.

Her clinical expertise is amazing and when she works in the paediatric emergency department it shows patient flow is majorly improved, she is quick and efficient in seeing patients. Patients and parents feel reassured after seeing her and she explains things to them in a way in which they will understand. She works hard to build bonds with level 12 and seeks help from them when needed. She’s an inspiration, I looked forward to working Thursdays and knowing that she will be in the department. A true asset to our team.

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