Emer Scanlon

Winner of the Allied Health Professional Of The Year Award 2019

Here are the nominations we recieved:

Emer has changed the culture of safe feeding in Exeter. There are simply 100’s of babies who enjoy feeding because of how Emer has engaged, motivated, educated parents and the whole NNU team . Babies who may be on the unit for up to 12-15 weeks will have consistent feeding. Feeding is very complex and goes way beyond the mechanics. Emer has made this huge culture change happen. This is phenomenal on so many levels and lasts a life team for this patient group and their families.


Emer is the speech and language therapist for the neonatal unit. Emer has totally changed the way that the babies on the NNU are fed. She has encouraged and taught families and Staff about why babies should not be orally fed until they are ready. Emer has brought about a change in practice in staff that have worked in a  traditional way for 20, 30 years. With the most amazing results. She absolutely deserves to be recognised for her amazing work


Emer is fantastic to work with. She has a calm and relaxed approach to members of staff and parents. She is patient and will take the time explaining things to parents about feeding. Emer is a pleasure to work with.


An expert in her field, the skills that Emer has brought to the care we deliver and the benefits to the families are immeasurable.


Takes time with the patients and their families to explain the reasons for SALT being involved. Has a calm and patient manor.

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