Amy Hanley

Nominated for Paediatric Junior Hero (ST1-3s, FTs & GPSTs)

“Amy spent 6 months on Caroline Thorpe ward at NDDH and in that time she really integrated well the team and listened to the nursing staffs point of view and acted on any concerns. For example- when an unwell child was going to another hospital for further diagnostic testing and the plan was for parents to be take the patient by car Amy really listened to the nursing teams concerns about this plan, reviewed the patient and agreed with to change the plan.
I have also been involved in other difficult cases Amy, where she remained calm the whole time and was very willing to answer my questions and teach me whilst she was still learning.

Amy had a great bedside manner with all families and children she came into contact with, making sure they knew who she was and what the plan of action was for their child’s treatment whilst making sure they were happy for this plan. It has only been a week since she’s been gone and she’s already missed.

Amy was with us for 6 months during the first hit of COVID-19 Lockdown. This was Amy’s first placement as a Reg and being within our trust without a back up SHO – you would have never had known this. COVID was an unsettling time for everyone but Amy always ensured the team was supported and was very efficient seeing any patients. Amy is VERY knowledgeable and would often sit on a night shift and discuss different topics with us and teaching. Due to being short staffed on the Reg rota, Amy was always willing to swap and pick up extra shifts to support all her colleagues. Although you could see this was tough at times, Amy would remain positive and always have the patients at her best interest. I strongly feel Amy deserves this recognition for all the support she provided us as a team and Hospital as I feel sometimes she didn’t know how appreciated she was!”

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