Tracey Godbeer

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award 2021

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

Tracey is a senior HCA on Bramble and provides great leadership within the HCA team.

Tracey is simply amazing! She is highly skilled and utilises her skills across paediatric services. She is a massive support to all her colleagues and is always willing to help others, going above and beyond at all times. She builds greats relationships with her colleagues and the patients- gaining trust and making them feel safe and valued. She is a great asset to the team!
She can work in all clinical areas with ability and great skill, always leading by example.
She supports apprentices and student nurses alike, Orientating them and providing / seeking out learning opportunities for them.
She is a calm and professional member of the team who often bridges the gap between the HCA, nursing team and management team, and is often the unsung voice of her peers.
She is proactive in her own development and supports others to develop by assessing their care certificate competencies and supporting HCA and nursing staff to achieve competency in venipuncture and cannulation.
Tracey is a vital member of the team who embodies the trust and HCA’s values / code.

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