Helen Channer

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero

Works at Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

“Helen is an exceptional consultant always going the extra mile for her patients and their families! Nothing is ever too much bother for her and she is always looking for new ways to improve the way in which we support trainees and the staff on Louisa Cary ward. She has set up numerous sessions to support the wellbeing of staff on the ward and is always at the end of the phone in a crisis. She is committed to teaching and training within our department and is always seeking learning opportunities for our trainees where possible. She is a great link between the nursing staff and the medical team and always encompasses the values of the RCPCH within her practice. Thank you for always taking an interest in your colleague and supporting us to do the best we can for children and their families.

To ‘Channer’ something needs to be a new verb in the English language. I think it would mean ‘grasp a situation head on, with passion and enthusiasm, mixed with just the right amount of moral outrage, human empathy and humour, whilst efficiently dealing with it and scoring 10/10 in the process’

Helen is a whirlwind of activity, whether it is advocating for her patients, her junior team, the nursing staff, her consultant colleagues or her wonderful family, she harnesses her considerable cognitive abilities and her passion and pushes forward. She raises the bar for everyone around her and they jump to meet those demands because she does so with kindness and unassailable rationale.
She is a fantastic person to have representing our regional tier 1 trainees.
I don’t think I am the only one who gets a bit fan-girly about her! Keep it up, Helen, you’re fabulous.

Helen is incredibly supportive of juniors. She actively listens to any issues with juniors and alters things to change the situation for the better. She is a fantastic advocate for the junior doctors on the ward and well as an excellent clinician. She is the consultant that you would want to be there in a crisis; whether that is an unresponsive infant being brought in by ambulance, or a junior doctor in tears at the end of a shift. Thank you Helen, for being such an incredible consultant.”

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