Claire Tanner

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year

Works at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

“Claire works as a Senior Staff Nurse on Caroline Thorpe Ward NDDH. She has a special interest in mental health. Over the years the young people requiring help for mental health issues has increased and the problems these children present with are becoming increasing challenging to all staff. Claire works hard to improve her knowledge and understanding of the care these young people require and then through her actions and her teaching passes this information on to the rest of the paediatric team. She is always supportive and approachable enabling other members of the team (in all roles) to increase their confidence in giving the best care to the children. This past year has been exceptionally hard and Claire has spent time dealing with outside agencies and hierarchy of the trust to achieve the best outcome for the children. She keeps the team Informed of progress made and explains the reasons for actions that have been taken so we all feel involved and able to give care accordingly. She is an excellent lead for our mental health care and has a calm and reasoned approach which has really enabled us to progress in this area of care. She also thinks of the team with debrief and social activities (zoom quiz this year).

Team player and role model and advocate for our young people, Claire is a real asset to Caroline Thorpe Ward. Thank you for all you do Claire

Claire has a special interest in mental health and strives to ensure the ward provides the most effective care for this specific group of patients. She shows empathy and understanding towards the children and families whilst also supporting the nursing staff by allowing time for reflection and discussion. Claire manages the ward well in a calm manner even in stressful circumstances and uses opportunities to teach junior staff and colleagues.”

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