Chris Williams

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero

Works at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

An exemplary Consultant. Does all he reasonably can for patients and their families. Friendly and approachable yet firm. Clearly enjoys role as Director of Medical Education for the Trust. Very supportive colleague.

Chris is one of our fabulous paediatricians at Truro. He’s a hard working, friendly and approachable consultant who works well across the multidisciplinary team. He’s an excellent doctor who’s highly knowledgeable and communicates brilliantly with our patients and their families at the bedside, always delivering information at the right level.

Chris has for some time been running the paediatric sim sessions each month, providing a great ward-based environment in which to practice and gain feedback, from which has stemmed several adjustments and improvements to the ward. He also has a passion for education, being the director of medical education within the Trust, although he is always happy to be involved in ward-based discussions with the team, be it any of the junior doctors, students or nurses. If any member of the team has been considering a new project or role change, Chris will always provide words of support, feedback and encouragement, along with the appropriate humour and sugary snacks. It’s always an entertaining shift when Chris is on!

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