Terry O’Neill

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year

Works at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

“Terry is a valued member of our team as she continuously provides high standard of care to all patients that she delivers care to in PHDU! She has a warm and friendly approach that is received well by parents and carers, especially when times are hard for parents with sick children!
Terry has recently been in involved in supporting and proving excellent education to junior members of the team who are starting to work in PHDU. Throughout this time Terry has supported them in a variety of way such a running mini SIM’s, education and guidance on a variety of different illnesses that may present through HDU and Terry has also support the nurses when providing care to a child cared HDU.

Terry continuously strives to improve the care delivered in HDU by inputting and actioning ideas that help provide high quality care. Terry has recently been involved in supporting respiratory SIM days in HDU, this has allowed for all staff to be trained and prepared for the challenges that winter may present.

Terry is a one of the most approachable nurses, as a more junior nurse I know I can go to her if i’m worried about a patient and she will be more than happy to come and review them and offer advice of what to do. I’ve recently completed the HDU course and had some supernumerary shifts with her, the knowledge she has of conditions which we very rarely see is outstanding and it is obvious that she is always researching and reading to ensure her skills are up to date. I have also observed her with children and families and she spends lots of time getting to know them and their worries, she will then try to put them at ease and build a fantastic therapeutic relationship. this is shown through the amazing feedback she receives from all of her patients and families.

If she has a really sick patient is HDU she is so calm but also very confident in ensuring her patients needs are heard and met by the medical staff. Terry has recently been involved in training all the nursing staff in preparation for a busy winter with lots of respiratory patients, this has been through a study which involved a very informative simulation.

Terry embodies a nursing Role model in that if I could be as knowledgeable and confident and compassionate as her I will be a very successful and proud nurse and I know that I would have become the nurse I always wanted to be when starting my career. Terry is an absolute amazing asset to our team and we are so lucky to have her.”

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