Sarah Brooke

Nominated for Paediatric Junior Doctor Hero Award 2021

Sarah has been a great colleague to work with. She has been always polite, professional yet a great friend to everyone at work. She cares a lot about her patients and her team.
I haven’t met a child or a child’s parent that didn’t like her.
She has been one of the most reliable junior doctors in team paeds RCHT and will be a great senior doctor and an amazing consultant in the future.

It has been a joy working with you all the way Sarah.
I have worked closely with Sarah whilst she was here in Truro. Her commitment and dedication towards patient care is admirable. She is meticulous and thorough often going over a beyond to get to the bottom of a perplexing case. Her documentation is always neat and precise.
She has worked with the Oncology team closely and conducted an audit for the service on febrile neutropenia. Not only did she do this in her own time but as an outcome of the audit she researched and found the guidelines for low-risk febrile neutropenia and made recommendations for introducing this. She often participated in MDTs and was very supportive to the nurses and trainees working alongside her.
She has always been very empathetic towards the Oncology patients and families and would make sure they were kept well informed at all times about investigations and treatment on the wards.
I have also seen her in very stressful situations and she always remains calm and professional, putting patient safety and care to the forefront.
Good luck Sarah with whatever you decide to do.

Easily the best overall trainee I have come across in my career. Sarah is quietly in control at all times. She embodies a sense of calm, is organised, interested and keen to learn. She is an example to other trainees on how to be a reliable member of the team, work well and support other specialties. She has a polite and friendly manner and built up good report with families. She is progressing well with examinations and has been enthusiastic to engage in teaching, attending training on her days off. She is exploring different specialties in order to make an informed choice of career and will excel in any aspect of paediatrics. All of our consultant body were delighted when on shift with Sarah, being reassured that she would work to the level of excellence that all trainees should aspire to. She is always keen to learn and reflect to improve her knowledge base and this openness to learning and self critique should be an example to others.

Knowledgable, works hard and always happy to help others.

Sarah now an ST3 in Derriford,was a great inspiration in regard to patient care,dedication to smart and hard work as well as genuine interaction with her team members. She was a great person to work side by side with as well as an amazing team player.

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