Leah Saffin

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award 2021

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

“Leah just embodies the spirit of hard work and dedication to her job. She comes to work every day smiling and is always so supportive to her fellow healthcare professionals in both her auxiliary nursing role but also in her more clerical role in the ordering of supplies and ensuring the ward is stocked well during this busy time! Not only does she work full time but she also takes on countless extra shifts to ensure the ward is safe & the care the children receive is always to a high standard. Leah is an absolute pleasure to work with and I feel her hard work should be recognised.

Leah is a senior HCA on Bramble ward who particularly throughout the pandemic has shown great maturity, a level head during times of uncertainty / pressure and above all maintained a professional and caring attitude towards patients and her team.
She has been involved in many extremely sad and difficult cases over the last year and has shown such compassion, resilience and ability to delegate / support her team members. She has provided much support to junior and senior members of the nursing team during these stressful / sad times.
She encourages and supports her peers with their development needs and is often the voice of reason / stability within the HCA team. She seeks out new ways of working that will improve our patients experiences and does this with great skill.
She has also remained committed to her own development over the last year to completing her level 5 , which is commendable given the constraints.

Such a brilliant HCA
Wonderful with patients of all ages and can work independently. Leah has seen and been involved with many harrowing cases over the past few years. She has shown great courage and resilience and continues to put herself forward for difficult challenges.

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