Victoria Wilson

Nominated for Paediatric Junior Doctor Hero Award 2021

Vicky is a dedicated member of the medical team at Torbay. She evidently enjoys her work and is always looking for learning opportunities. She is incredibly supportive of the team, values everyone’s input and is always willing to go above and beyond to help a colleague out. She communicates clearly and empathetically with children and their families and is always approachable and friendly. She is an amazing role model for the junior members of the team and is always ready to share learning. It is a pleasure working with Vicky

Vicky has been a fantastic addition to our tier 1 (and now Tier 2) rota in Torbay Hospital. She has dealt incredibly well with the rigours of an inter-deanery transfer, a new geographical location and returning from maternity leave mid-COVID pandemic. She has hit the ground running and has been really impressive in her approach to the work. She embraces new challenges and opportunities and does so with a quiet level-headedness, that is backed up by sound clinical skills and knowledge. She is clinically excellent, and it was rapidly evident that she was functioning at a higher level than her clinical grade suggested. She work well with children and their families, approaching them with compassionate, empathetic and efficient care, whilst recognising many of the more subtle clinical nuances in presentations that might escape her peers.
Vicky has grasped opportunities for self-improvement and development, anticipating the next step onto the Middlegrade rota, including undertaking CP medicals and sitting in on clinics. She has also passed her MRCPCH Clinical on first attempt.
Vicky works brilliantly within the team, and it is clear that the nursing and allied staff both like and trust her abilities. The senior team identify her as a safe and steady pair of hands, and know that she will carry out her duties with dilligence and skill.
She is now stepping into a greater position of responsibility, and is already demonstrating her skills as a team leader and becoming increasingly involved in service innovation and development.

In every way a fantastic junior trainee, and brilliant colleague to work with.
Victoria has excellent interaction with patients and their families and has demonstrated exemplary teamworking. Victoria is calm and can ‘get things done’ by maitaining a well-balanced relationship with peers, junios and nursing colleagues at busiest times in service. This is all more commendable follwowing a successful return from parental leave in a new Hopsital trust.

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