Betsy Wambua

Nominated for Paediatric Junior Doctor Hero Award 2021

Betsy is new to RCHT starting here as ST1. Since she started we have been really impressed with her hard work and dedication to paediatrics. She is always happy to get stuck in, she takes responsibility for her work and always works to a high standard. She cares deeply about her patients and has great communication skills both with patients, parents and her peers and colleagues.
She actively takes part in teaching and is interested and engaged with learning and we are delighted to have her as part of our team.

It is a real pleasure to work with Betsy. She is an outstanding trainee in every aspect.
Betsy works tirelessly to support all members of the team when she is on shift, working extremely hard to complete tasks (always with precision and acumen) and help others.
Betsy’s knowledge of paediatrics and neonates is already excellent but she is always very willing to learn, reflect and build on that knowledge. Betsy shows great empathy towards her patients and parents, who respond very well to her quiet, confident communication.
She is a joy!

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