Play Specialists

Nominated for Team of the Year

North Devon District Hospital

“Small team, only two of them: Fran and Haley, but what a support for the patient, with all the situation doctors and nurses take for granted. The scanning success rate is phenomenally, in age groups others would not even considering an attempt. Its nice for the patients and safes a lot of hassle for the family (and capacity at the centres).
They also engage and enthuse the medical students (“”best learning experience””).
Thank you!

The most visible play team I’ve ever worked with. Kind and caring. Always looking to innovative.

Fran and Hayley ensure that the children and young people on Caroline Thorpe and all departments with in the hospital are supported with their care through play and distraction, the offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to all staff throughout the trust . They ensure that all departments that care for paediatric patients are friendly and relaxed ensure that patient experience is at the fore front of everything they do . The ward would a dull place without them , they being a warm and friendly manner to the ward and ensure that the ward is brightly and exciting place through the use of play .”

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