Paediatric Department

Nominated for Team of the Year

North Devon District Hospital

“The Paediatric department at North Devon District Hospital is an amazing incredible group of people, so many teams, large and small, working with a shared commitment to provide our children, young people and their families with incredible care and support.
We consist of the main Paediatric ward, Paediatric high dependency unit, children’s outpatient department, Day surgery unit, Special care baby unit, community nursing team, paediatric diabetes team, paediatric mental health team and The Children’s Safeguarding team.
Over the last couple of years all the teams have come together to support one another. Several of our specialist nurses, from the Safeguarding team, mental health team, community children’s team and diabetes team do regular bank shifts on the Children’s ward. This has not only proved invaluable during busy periods, when staff sickness due to Covid has left the ward short staffed, but it also brings a wealth of knowledge to the ward and promotes team working.
I really do think it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find another hospital where all the nursing teams, regardless of their specialities or department, work together in the way we do here at North Devon. Our Paediatric department is made up of so many different nursing teams but we are all proud to be part of one big team. I don’t feel it would be right to pick out any one team at North Devon, every team that looks after our young patients is incredible and a real asset to the wider team. ”

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