Women’s Wellbeing Team

Nominated for Team of the Year

University Hospitals Plymouth

“These three girls put together an information board at the beginning of the year for differing wellbeing topics each month. This was to provide information that many do not know about, but definitely should. We work in a predominantly female environment and a lot of the issues they explored, many have but do not speak about. The information board was mostly linked to awareness weeks or months, signposting people to support groups and statistics. The girls were always available if we needed a chat, vent, cry around certain topics and were great at providing a listening ear without judgement.

“”Claire, Tasha and Kim have created the Women’s Wellbeing team for level 12 Paediatrics. They have shared their knowledge of women’s health issues by means of information leaflets, display boards and talks. They have been on hand to discuss some very sensitive issues and have allowed staff the opportunity to open up and discuss subjects that they might not have usually shared.
They have faced their own difficult experiences and have offered support and informal counselling to those staff members who have felt empowered to share their own stories. With all members of the MDT having access to this team and their information, it has had a positive impact on the staff wellbeing.
They are also taking on the trust, meeting with the Chief Exec, addressing some of the policies around IVF leave and advocating for others to improve their future experiences. “”
“”What a passionate team of women!
These three ladies have worked tirelessly to offer support, information and an listening ear to all colleagues who need someone to be there for them.

At the beginning of the year these amazing ladies put together an information board discussing a variety of wellbeing topics, selecting a different one each month. Following lots of chats and chocolate the team felt that some topics they discussed were seen to be taboo subjects. The team felt that this was time for change and wanted to provide the information that people may not know about but should regarding these topics and give them the confidence to get talking.

Topics varied from endometriosis, miscarriage, infertility & mental health to name a few. These topics were also linked into awareness months and the team also highlighted this via twitter.

It was amazing to see how many people came to the team to share their stories and to say we are all here for one another. The team provides an open door for a brew/chocolate, chat, vent or a hug all in confidence. Being able to know there is a team who is dedicated to supporting colleagues when they are going through a tough time is amazing.

Hearing staff talk about the topics openly and saying how they felt more knowledgeable is fantastic. It also empowers staff with information that they can share with patients and families as needed or required.

The team now are working along side the chief executive to introduce a specific fertilty policy as currently there is not one within the trust. This is supporting not only our fellow colleagues but also our colleagues throughout the trust. “”
“”This team have been a fantastic support to myself this year, not only have they highlighted topics that are often not talked about but have been there with a friendly smile and supportive shoulder to cry on.

The girls have been there for me with a listening ear, lots of chocolate & the most fantastic support after a difficult year. It’s amazing to have such a team on level 12 and to know they are there when ever you need a chat or a rant. Thankyou x”””

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