Wildgoose Ward

Nominated for Team of the Year

University Hospitals Plymouth

“Wildgoose have faced massive amounts of challenges this year and sometimes for many weeks at a time. The staff are exceptional at checking in with each other and giving the emotional support that those who are struggling need. Staff on the ward work with so many other professionals attending the ward and attending MDT meetings on behalf of patents and their families. The way everyone on wildgoose have faced these challenges are second to none and calling them a ‘team’ is just not enough.

“”There is no team quite like the Wildgoose team! Despite currently facing a challenging time on the ward, the Wildgoose team come together again and again. I am incredibly lucky to be apart of a super tight knit team, who look after one another through the good and hard times and offer support, humour and compassion when it is most needed!
Every member of staff works extremely hard to ensure the very best care is given to their patients and their families, doing so with advocacy, safety and empathy.

Wildgoose see a wide range of patients, from oncology, mental health, surgical and medical patients and so liaise daily with a variety of MDT members. The team have recently been introduced to a youth support work service who attend the ward during the week and take on any referrals made by the team on Wildgoose. The team identify individuals who could benefit from some extra support as an out patient, and this demonstrates the teams care, advocacy and willingness to help improve children and young people’s mental well being.
Having returned to work after long term sick, I cannot thank the team enough for their incredible support, love and kindness which has enabled me to return to work and be a part of the Goose again. I get my strength and resilience from watching them all show up time and time again, even in the most challenging times. They are all incredible role models and extremely dedicated to improving a child/young person’s mental and physical well being. “”
Wildgoose has been through a really hard time and everyone remains one big team and continues to carry each other through every challenge faced.

Where do I start?! The challenges that face our team, day in and day out are enormous. Morale can be low at times and we each individually struggle with the gravity of the situations we face. What gets us through every day is our team!! I’ve never been so fortunate to work with such a supportive bunch of people. We cry together and laugh together we are always there for each other and we all understand what we are experiencing.
“”Wildgoose ward is an incredible ward with an amazing supportive team! I have worked on here for two years and from the moment I started I have felt welcomed! The team support you in any way they can! Which is very much needed as wildgoose ward can be very tough at times.
As a team we work with patients with medical conditions as well as with challenging mental health conditions. When you come on to shift knowing how busy and challenging it can be you know you feel supported with the team around you! Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Wildgoose ward team rules!!””

Wow, what a team!! I was initially anxious about joining team Wildgoose but I had no reason to be whatsoever. Every single member of staff goes above and beyond during every shift to support their colleagues. Wildgoose Ward can be a very challenging place to work but you know that even on the hardest of days your colleagues will be there to support you. From our ward manager, to the healthcare assistances, nurses and our wonderful ward clerk, everyone is there for each other. As a team, Wildgoose works hard to ensure that both medical and mental health patients receive the best quality of care from the most appropriate services. I look forward to going to work each shift because the Wildgoose team really is the best, in fact team is not the correct word, it should be family!”

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