Children’s High Dependency Unit

Nominated for Team of the Year

University Hospitals Plymouth

“Never fail to pull together and help anyone out

The Children’s High Dependency nurses are a highly skilled and knowledgeable team. They are committed to providing high quality, patient focused care, driven by up to date research and developments. All the nurses are enthusiastic to learn and further develop their critical care skills to ensure all patients receive the best care possible.
They offer informal outreach to the wards. Reviewing sick patients, empowering and supporting the nursing and medical staff, to provide them with the additional skills required to continue to provide care to a high acuity patient outside of the HDU.
They have been under additional pressures of looking after an increased number of level 3 patients, made more challenging by being short staffed at times. CHDU has relied on staff support from other units and they have shown true welcoming, supportive teamwork, sharing their knowledge with nursing and medical colleagues. The HDU nurses are a close, supportive team. They are never phased by anything and always rise to the challenge. ”

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