Children’s Assessment Unit

Nominated for Team of the Year

University Hospitals Plymouth

“CAU has made me feel very welcome and feel like part of the team they have supported me and explained a lot to me and feel like I have learnt a lot since I have been here 🙂
excellent team, very efficient despite always having a very high workload volume, inclusive, helpful, supportive

“”What a team! What a bunch! Always there for each other during the most stressful of times. No question is too silly to ask.
Both teams strive to support one another and most importantly put a smile on your face!””
“”So proud to work as part of the Children’s Assessment Unit. Fantastic team, hardworking and supportive of each other. During busy times we strive to deliver high quality care and work well with the doctors to do this.

The CAU team just gets better and better!
This team is what team work is all about, they thrive on making CAU fantastic and are always looking to improve the service for their patients and their families.

Winter pressures always challenge the team but as always they rise to the challenge and tackle every hurdle head on! You will always find this fantastic team smiling and laughing through the CAU chaos! CAU is a work family who pull together through the hard times and celebrate in the good times! They are there for each other and support each other no matter what!

The team are dynamic, confident and look for any opportunity to enhance their clinical knowledge and skills! They are fantastic teachers to our nursing students, medical students and supporters of our junior medical colleagues!
It makes me proud to be part of such a team!

They are outstanding. CAU shifts are tough and draining but the nurses are so brilliant it makes a huge difference. They have withstood every challenge thrown at them from Pandemic to acute staff shortage and ward closures. Busy ED directly impacts on them but no matter what the situation is they all are cheerful and a great team. Proud of every single nurse and ward Clark , you all are amazing “””

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