APNP Team (Level 12)

Nominated for Team of the Year

University Hospitals Plymouth

“What a team!!! The dynamic team take on every challenge they can! Not only do the team support CAU and the wards with the daily running of the units they also run clinics, support exercise tolerance tests all whilst pushing for new policies and service improvements!!

They have enabled our advice leaflets to be avaliable to patients and parents via QR Codes making this more accessible to our families.

The team are always on hand supporting nursing staff, medical staff and both nursing and medical students. They have encouraged the nursing staff on CAU to become more confident in gaining skills such as cannulas, venepuncture, ECG amongst others skills.

Kim, Tasha & Elliott are a dynamic trio who ensure the best care for their patients. CAU is especially lucky and privileged to be able to work so closely with them and know that when they are on shift its going to be a great day! No matter what the day brings when you have this amazing team around you know everything will be OK!

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