Nominated for Team of the Year

Torbay & South Devon

“Continued amazing team work and despite challenging factors supporting each other to provide high quality care to infants and their families

scbu is a small team and despite some difficult times with staffing they have continued to work well as a team, support each other and support new members of staff. Supporting and being a part of Peri prem initiatives showing excellent results across the region. Scbu has also had some great friends and family feedback of great care received,

Over the last year as well as supporting their own team they have been regularly clinically supported Louisa Cary (children’s ward) due to their staffing issues. Working not only within their own team but as part of the wider child health team.

Scbu is a team who show great care, dedication, determination and strive to improve to ensure high quality care is provided to families and to ensure best outcome for infants in their care
A team that should be proud of all they do ”

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