Paediatric Sexaul Assault Referral Centre (SARC)

Nominated for Team of the Year

North Devon District Hospital

“The Exeter SARC is one of the most inspirational places I have ever had the pleasure of working. We work extremely closely with the MDT and multiple other agencies including ISVAs, therapy, police, CSC etc. Our interaction with these teams is always high quality and through. We are always advocating for holistic care for children and young people. For example offering them non-acute clinics for reassurance and not solely focussing on the medical or police aspect of our work. We always ensure that we are recommending therapeutic support for all our children and young people as they have all gone through a significant traumatic incident which we know can have an acute and lasting impact on mental health. We liaise with all teams to ensure that all of their needs are people met and are not afraid to professional challenge each other and other professionals. In our clinics we have a huge emphasis on the fact we are child led and therefore we will never do anything the child does not want us to do. We allow them to have full control of the clinic and we will be led by them. We think this is essential for our children and young people. Although we are a very small team we hold regular audit meetings to ensure that our work is the best it can be and make changes to its delivery by taking regular feedback from family and children.

The Paediatric SARC team have been a big area of support and guidance when it has come to working with children who may have been sexually assaulted. They return phone calls in a timely manner and take a holistic approach to finding out other services that are available to support children and young people. Since knowledge has grown, I know members of our ED frequently contact SARC for advice and we always feel supported.”

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