Children’s Emergency Department

Nominated for Team of the Year

Torbay & South Devon

“I am so proud to be part of this team. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been on the frontline during the pandemic and have remained so. They are a strong, supportive team despite the challenges we faced. Through using innovations, they are always working to make their care safer, advocating for their patients and paediatrics generally, and will always support each other. The childrens ED team at Torbay adapt and overcome regularly, and will also work to learn from and support each other along the way.

Despite working in one of the busiest environments in limited space, this team always gives their best to all the many patients under their care. I saw countless examples of staff helping children, young people and their families through difficult times with kindness, care and compassion. The nursing staff are very supportive to doctors, appropriately raising any concerns, supporting medical staff of all stages of training to improve their skills.

Paeds ED has an excellent team who have skilled nurses, who are full of knowledge. Each member strive to made the department the safe area and ensuring they can made the environment as relaxed for the children and families/Carers.
Each team member are incredible to work with and very supportive, respectful and listen to you.
Teaching you and trusting you if you have concerns, ensuring they escalate to the appropriate people within the department in a timly manner. Members of the team have addition projects to ensure every patients voice is heard and Advocate for the different groups of children. They are a passionate group of nurses and you can see how much they care about the work they do.

We are a small bunch of paediatric nurses , working in a tiny space , with a overwhelming amount of children attending the department .
We all LOVE our job , be kind always , Are always there to make parents and careers feel supported .
Despite being short of staff and space – we are a fabulous team.”

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