Child Health Medical Secretary & Typing Assistant Team

Nominated for Team of the Year

Torbay & South Devon

“This year has been a difficult year for the Medical Secretary and Typing Assistant team in Child Health. The team have had to take on additional roles, cover for colleagues on long term sickness as well as pick up work of colleagues whom have left their post. In addition to the pressures this has meant taking on additional work to their already heavy workload, and there was added pressure of watching the length of time between clinics and the letters being sent out increasing to 3 months at the worst. Pressure was put on the whole team to reduce this timeframe back to letters being sent out within 4 days. The Team pulled together and worked hard to achieve this. There was a change of the procedure in which letters were dictated with the Consultants starting to use Dragon dictate which meant reading and editing letters rather than typing from dictation. The Team always agreed to the changes and additional work asked of them and although each of them were feeling under pressure they kept going and were still able to have a smile on their faces and have a laugh. In addition the whole team support new members of the Admin Team providing invaluable training and support. The team spirit and camaraderie amongst the team was exceptional and most impressive . Well done.

The team have worked phenomenally hard through a really tough staffing crisis this summer. Morale has been low, but the team have continued to prioritise patients and families and work hard to keep the cogs of the department turning.
Their individual efforts have been hugely appreciated. Well done & thank you!”

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