0 to 19 Torbay Plus Team

Nominated for Team of the Year

Torbay & South Devon

“The 0 to 19 Torbay Plus Team, Health Visiting and School Nursing advocate for some of the most vulnerable children within Torbay, They continuously put children and young people at the foremost of their thinking, ensuring their needs are are the heart of what they do. They work professionally with the multi disciplinary team offering a high standard of support and challenge when needed, and their contribution is always valued by those that work with them.
The team genuinely care for each other and will willing offer support when needed, they have a ‘can do attitude’ which is both positive and inspiring. Every member of the team is valued and everyone’s contribution is considered. As a team they are able to identify areas of concern, and use these as opportunities for service development.
I am proud to work with this team, and feel confident that the excellent care they provide is noticed by those of work along side them.”

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