Security Team

Nominated for Team of the Year

Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

” The security team have been supporting Bramble during a challenging time on the ward with some of our complex Mental Health patients. The team are always approachable, kind, caring, willing to help and are appropriate with the children and young people within our care. The team also offer support for the staff with training sessions and any queries we may have. They ensure that they strictly follow the legal frameworks within working with children and young people, ensuring that their safety is paramount. Thank you so much, we appreciate all you have done.

What a tough time this team has had recently with helping on Bramble. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by us all. Thank you, security team, for always being around when we need you, assisting helping us in delivering care to those patients who unfortunately require security presence and require interventions. It’s been a hard time on the ward with the acuity of patients we have had, but you guys have come down multiple times a day and night, every day of the week, supported the team and remained calm, in situations that have been less than calming. You have gone above and beyond with your professional input in ensuring that whilst a situation has to be done, it has been undertaken safely and with the patient at the forefront of the discission making process. You have advocated for patients and ensured that their safety is paramount as well as looking out for nursing staff and yourselves, as well as working together with the wider teams for a better approach in the best interventions.

The security team have been amazing this year, I am sure no one realised how much we would need them on Bramble this year. They demonstrate excellent team working, always liaising with staff prior to feeds, and having a debrief after to make sure everyone is ok and providing the best care for the patient. They have also provided extra training for staff and sourced extra equipment to ensure everything runs smoothly and patients and staff remain safe. They always act as an advocate for the patients, and ensure that the patients safety is their top priority. They take the time to sit and talk to patients when they can to try and deescalate and build positive relationships with our long term patients who require lots of security. I know it has been really hard on them coming to Bramble, so I wanted to let them know how appreciated they are and without them we would not be able to do our job.”

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