Community Paediatric Nursing Team

Nominated for Team of the Year

North Devon District Hospital

“Cover so many children and support them in their own environment. A great team and an credit to North Devon.

Function way above their roles. Excellent link between ward and families, helping to avoid admission and facilitate discharges.

This team have displayed exemplary multidisciplinary working not only across county but across the country. This team covers the whole of Devon, providing specialist nursing care including school nursing and palliative care. They are a small team with a large case load covering a huge geographical area. They have been able to adapt their service to meet the needs of patients and taking on additional tasks to keep children and young people out of hospital especially at the peak of covid. They have been able to advocate for their patients and young people ensuring that they listen and respond, delivering patient and family centred care. They are able to work seamlessly alongside other members of the MDT and this ensures the patients receive the highest level of care. Providing end of life care for children and young people in their homes if they wish and being able to provide a 24 hour on call rota at those times. This is physically and emotionally challenging, especially at a time when the service is short staffed. The staff go above and beyond to provide the highest level of care for every single one of the young people on their caseload. They are a very united team and work very efficiently together and demonstrate exceptional support especially at the most challenging times. There is constant learning and teaching sessions during team meetings, including reflection to try and improve the service provision and ensure that all care that is delivered is evidence based to ensure the patients are receiving the highest level of care. This team works for Children and Family, Health Devon which falls under Torbay and South Devon Trust. ”

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