Bramble Oncology Team

Nominated for Team of the Year

Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

“This team is made up of a bunch of fantastic individuals. Not only do they work exceptionally well within their MDT, they are a huge support to the ward itself, checking in with staff and being a huge support to us all emotionally when times are tough. They advocate for their patients on a daily basis and deliver excellent care both in and out of the hospital setting.

A really cohesive and positive group. They are effective at their jobs to provide excellent care to patients, and have a great attitude!

The whole oncology nursing team are such a lovely team. Always smiling and happy. The way they work together and manage such complex patients, is amazing. Keeping patients’ files up to date with treatment plans and ensuring if admission to the ward is required when they are not there, that Bramble team are aware of the plan. The oncology nursing team are the biggest advocates for their patients and are always approachable in asking questions and keeping everyone up to date with progress. The bond they have with families can be seen by the trust the families and patients have in them. They deal with some really tough patient cases and unfortunately child deaths, but they are always there to de-brief and offer help as required. The nursing team are always happy to go through things and peer support to get everyone trained and able to look after oncology patients, explaining everything so it doesn’t seem so over-whelming. They care with such passion, and it is seen through the work they do and the care they give.

A excellent team to Bramble ward, their colleagues, doctors, nurses, patients and their families. They are always so welcoming, supportive and caring. Always willing to help, guide, show exceptional team work within the whole paediatric department which passes on through into their patients and their families/carers. Always looking to improve care, give the best quality of life to their patients, give excellent support and care at stressful times in these families lives.”

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