Bramble Daycase

Nominated for Team of the Year

Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

“Bramble daycase has an amazing team of nurses and ward Clark
They provide vital specialist service for children who require long term care,
They are always willing and able to support in all areas of bramble with there specialist knowledge and skills .
Bramble DCU work with a wide range of MDT also from different trusts
ensuing care is carried out as needed.
being an advocate for there patients and always looking for ways to make coming in to DCU a better experience
The team always have a smile on their face and bravery sticker when needed.

They embody what a nursing team should be, always having each others backs whether work related or just helping there colleagues.

Amazing team that goes great lengths to provide amazing care to their patients
The day case unit provides fantastic care for loads of regular patients, and new patients alike. A close knit team that works seamlessly to provide consistently high level of care. They work with patients of all ages with many different conditions that require specialist services. They are an amazing team. ”

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