Caroline Thorpe Ward

Nominated for Team of the Year

North Devon District Hospital

“This year has been especially tough with changes in staff but they all pulled together and even on a busy stressful shift you would never notice as the staff are all so supportive of each other. The morale is high and they have great camaraderie.

Although they may be small they are mighty! Such a fantastic team who pull together to ensure the safety and care of their patients and families is the best it can be. There has been a lot of change in the department this year and everyone has shown resilience and determination to pull together to be the best.

Caroline Thorpe is a small ward with many hearts.
All our ward staff, from Dr’s, nurses, care assistants and play specialists, strive to give the very best care that we are able to and we all come together to work as part of a great committed team.
As nurses coming from many different backgrounds and previous nursing experiences we all bring our own assets to the ward and share our expertise with each other, utilizing our strengths whilst developing areas where we are less confident. Not only do we care for our patients and families but we also try to look after each other as well.
We aim to be exceptional advocates for all our young people and try our best to deliver high quality care to all within a friendly, approachable caring unit.

I have worked in this team for many years, we have survived pandemics, staff shortages, extreme challenging young people but still we stick together. Support one another, cover extra shifts, pat one another on the back, crack a black joke to get through the caos. It is this comradory and professionalism that holds the NHS together, doing our best for unwell children and families. ”

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