Yadlapalli Kumar

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero

Works at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Kumar is a fantastic colleague. He is always willing to listen and gives excellent clinical opinions and advice.
He is highly engaged in teaching and training and has an incredible memory for patients that he has seen over the years in almost any teaching subject that make you think! He often has trainees in his clinic and is very experienced in teaching.
Kumar has been the most amazing colleague to me since starting. He lets me ask him all sorts of questions no matter how basic they are. He sends personal thank yous when i have helped him out and demonstrates excellent role modelling.
During the last year he has been incredibly supportive to me over a complaint. He allowed me space and support and gave me his advice and guidance which was invaluable to me as a new consultant who has not experienced this before.

I admire him as a colleague and a doctor, he deeply cares for his patients and colleagues and i aspire to be more like him.
Kumar is a committed neonatologist but on the rare occasions he deigns to visit us on paediatrics, we are always glad of his presence! He is an exemplary consultant and an absolute font of knowledge which he has no hesitation sharing with the rest of the team. To watch him at the bedside is fantastic, so much can be learnt from his manner and the way he communicates with patients & families. Kumar is infamous for his sensible decision making which really helps the flow through the department, and once he’s finished seeing patients he will always have an interesting case study or learning point to share with the team.

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